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Additional Information: Land only price does not include arrival/departure transfers.

Accommodation Details: Apr 26, Jul 5, Aug 23, Sep 6, Sep 13 & Sep 20 will be accommodated at the Apex Waterloo in Edinburgh.

There are a number of small buildings which remain around this Hangar and it is pleasing to see that some of the old Instructional Markings remain on the walls. Other Squadrons which operated from here were numbers 59 and 86. The photograph above shows one of the runways which remain at Ballykelly and from this view if you turn 180 degrees you will see the light shown on the left which is a Second World War vintage "Soup Dish" A3 used for Runway Approach Lighting and dating from 1942. Shown below is a strengthened aircraft building which is near the runway and I believe is known as a Fromson Hangar.

The picture above shows the Green hangar as seen from the nearby road. On 26th June 1944 some of the men shown above were flying Liberator FL977 H/59 and attempting to make a night landing when the aircraft crashed on Binevenagh Mountain killing all on board.Belfast is a small place after all and not all your exes are necessarily pleased to see you, especially within the claustrophobic confines of a speed dating encounter. When I blithely offered to attend the QFT’s rather spiffy movie-themed singles night on behalf of , none of these rather dreadful propositions occurred.As the hour drew ever closer, however, the creeping sense of existential dread took over.Happily though, I was bolstered by a couple of rather selfless friends offering to join me on the evening 'for moral support'.Even then it took a couple of stiff drinks and not a little cajoling to get us all moving in the direction of the QFT.

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