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Christian Dating for Free is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EDating for Free, Inc., an online Christian dating service provider whose properties include Catholic Dating for Free, and Black Christian Dating for Free.In exchange for access to the site's complete range of features, free CDFF members see highly visible advertisements from sponsors. 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Step Description Veeam Explorer for Share Point Browsing Share Point abases within compressed, deduplicated image - level backups of Share Point virtual machines (VMs) without having to restore the entire abase Searching for specific Share Point items with rich search capability for e - discovery purposes Recovering and exporting items directly to the original Share Point server, or sending items as email attachments to specific rs Support for Share Point 2010 and Share Point 2013 Veeam Explorer for Share Point Store Once aflow of Veeam recovery from Store Once and Store Ever Veeam backups up the VM image(s) to a backup repository in a folder with the name of the backup job An additional scheduled job archives (copies) the Veeam backups to Media Sets pulled from Media Pools of tape For restores Veeam will load the required tape(s) and copy the Veeam backup file(s) to the backup repository; and for VM restores, restore the VM automatically Once the restore is complete Veeam will delete the copied backup file from the repository Tape HP Store Ever Veeam Backup Production Hyper-V Summary Instant Recovery of VMs Accelerated recovery of Share Point and SQL VM from unexpected events Fast Recovery of Share Point Items Simple, fast right-click recovery Balanced Cost and Performance Blended Disk and Tape a protection for Share Point a Simple to Deploy and Manage Centralized administration of backups, replication and a recovery Visit HP at Booth 1714 Demo, whitepapers and subject matter experts Collateral / Whitepapers / URLs HP Reference Architecture for Microsoft Share Point Server 2010 with HP Storage and Veeam 4AA5-1264ENW, March 2014 HP Recended configuration: Microsoft Share Point Server 2013 on HP Converged System 300 for Virtualization 4AA5-0871ENW, March 2014 HP Store Virtual Storage, Virtual HP Store Virtual VSA product information, HP Store Once Backup, HP Collaboration Solutions for Share Point, HP Whitepaper Repository, HP Sizer for Share Point, Veeam Backup & Replication, Veeam Hyper-V Backup, more information My SPC Sponsored by connect. r training and driving adoption PPM system configuration to meet with the methodology Choose between on- premises or online PPM methodology implementation Envisioning and planning Implement, customize and extend Microsoft Project Portfolio Management solution, built on top of Share Point Jan Kalis @ Meet JKalis , [email protected], Partner Network and Product Management Agenda What is Project and Portfolio Management Components of the Microsoft PPM Deeper dive on configuring typical entities and functionality Touch on extensibility Beyond Project and Portfolio Management Project and Portfolio Management Project & Portfolio Management What is it? Native Apps with Device Contoso Tenant Picker App Service Principal Permission: [email protected], All Sites. Best practice : App should handle invalid_grant return form token issuing endpoint and redirect to authorization endpoint Application only s to maintain single Refresh Token Admin consent record that the organization has signed up (tenant ID) r consent record that the r has signed up (UPN, display name and object ID) Whats In A JWT token and that in the Sign - Up flow Claim Example Intended Purpose Tenant ID [tid] 09f9ea02-9be8-4597-86b9-32935a17723e Immutable tenant identifier UPN [upn] [email protected] only First Name [given_name] Matthias Display only Last Name [family_name] Leibmann Display only Object ID [oid] b6e5ea27-e04a-49b6-9677-e404d87d0b9e Immutablesecurity identifier Go here for more information on MSDN Demo: OAuth Sandbox Understanding the Protocol Flow for Office 365 APIs . ADAL provides lots of features* otherwise App has to implement itself . Provided the Refresh Token is still valid, Evo STS returns a Access Token and no interaction is required by the r Native Client Apps *Features are dependent on platform, see ADALdocumentation for more information . Authentication Context authentication Context = Authentication Context (https ://; . Authentication Result authentication Result = await authentication Context. Acquire Token Async (https ://, App Settings. Office 365 APIs the same Auth model on Windows Azure AD . One Drivefor Business extensibility: building great apps solutions(Recorded) . the Mail, Calendar, and Contact REST APIs to work with emails, calendar items, and contacts . The information is for informational purposes only and the current view of Microsoft as of the e of this presentation. acenter components IT Load CRAC Chiller Condenser Cooling towers Water supply UPS Generators Transformer Generators Power supply Example: Efficiency Example: Efficiency Example: Efficiency Example: Efficiency C:\v-ahhamd\Desktop\Site Pics\DSC_5871. div#login-box div#register-box div#register-box h1 a.rb-link div#rb-arrow a#female-link:hover,a#female-link.fl-hover a#male-link a#male-link:hover,a#male-link.fl-hover div.round-border div.round-border:hover,div.round-border-hover div#play-free div#fb-box div#screenshot-box div#screenshot-box img div#info-text div#info-text b div#info-text h1 div#js-error-box div#js-error-box a,div#js-error-box a:hover .It's all in the name: Christian Dating For is a Christian dating site that is completely free to join and use.

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