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The Russian explorer Lavrenty Zagoskin reported a population of 120 in 1843 for Kaltkhagamute (Khalkagmute).Over the years, residents of Crow Village, Ohagamiut, Russian Mission, and Paimute also moved to the village.

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8) Most of the families take pride in revealing that they are ironing out their shortcomings in a methodical manner. 2) It is disheartening to learn that 57,298 people are leading a life of their own, though the reports suggest that especially the people who are above 65 are bold enough to take care of their day-to-day activity in a phased manner.3) Alaska gladdens the heart of the people as far as education is concerned.10) The State goes out of the way to encourage such children to pursue their career in education with redoubled vigour.11) It is pertinent to note that as many as 59 per cent of the women are living with their grand children alone in Alaska and ensures that their education does not get hampered in anyway.

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