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Kerry wrote in the enraged Instagram post: 'Nobody was hurt during dj hairdressing disaster!!!So s***ging me off by saying "what if" don't you all think I know this!After watching the crowd (who were all so friendly), they were so much more receptive to one another than the usual club gathering.Looking to meet genuine, fun & like-minded Country singles?Some movies you look at and the script is so bad that no one can do anything with the script.

What I look for in a script is the plot point and whether they're strong, obviously, or not, whether the characters are rich or not, and if I can do justice to the character or not.

Fergus Dennehy Most runners will agree that there is something oddly satisfying and freeing about running in the very worst weather conditions and so if this old adage is to believed, then there must have been some very happy campers at Banna Beach on Sunday morning, such was the volume of wind and rain.

Simon Brouder With the Leaving Cert results out next Wednesday - in the midst of a national housing crisis - management at IT Tralee are encouraging homeowners in the town to rent out rooms to students.

It's like why go through all of the ups and downs of ...

News Tadhg Evans Dr Patrick Malone has said that Sneem cannot be left without a full-time GP and has called on the HSE to "think outside the box" when it comes to attracting GPs to rural parts of the country.

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