Gayle king dating kevin liles

Making it a family affair, the Hip Hop mogul invited a few of his family members to the event as well.

His nephew Russell "Russy" Simmons II came out to support looking dapper as ever. Russell’s niece Angela Simmons kept with the Roaring 20s theme channeling a flapper girl in a Jovani Fashions custom dress and Casa Reale jewels.

She has been at this for nearly 20 years and it has finally paid off. But I just don't understand why he has not even a BIT of Al's looks. Al looks like he had Quincy w/o the help of a woman. Questions: What does Landon Brown's mother look like??? Angel Colwell is lookinga bit deflated in the chichi. Why in D hell does Quincy look EXACTLY like his daddy (he’s such a cutie) while Landon looks like a reject? ' He said, 'But, we're separated.' I said, 'Oh, you're getting a divorce.' He said, 'No, we're separated, we live in the same house, it hasn't been good for a really long time.' And I was like, 'Check, please, I know that story.'" King is no stranger to infidelity.She caught her ex-husband in bed with another woman in 1990.This time though, she looked somehow aged—and was auctioning off a Botox session with Dr. It was a night for the lovers this week as EVP of Warner Music Group Kevin Liles and Erika Jones celebrated at their engagement party at the Soho Grand hotel: Jay-Z, Mike Kaiser, and several other friends were there. Erika comes across as very classy and knows how to play the role. Also I don't think she has had a nose job nor her lips plumped. I know O is breaking you off proper--there is no excuse.

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