16yr old dating

Statutory rape is probably–no, definitely–the most controversial topic for you, our readers.

Not something super divisive like abortion or feminism, statutory rape.

the fact that you disobeyed your parents rule about dating is proof that you're not mature.

My daughter says her boyfriend wants to change and will never do drugs again.

She has also confessed to me in an e-mail that she has had sex twice with a boy who is not her boyfriend.

i really like this guy he is so sweet to me & says everything guys my age dont. Everytime i talk about him to my friends they always talk bad about him and call me a retard and him an idiot. if u were 20 would u date a 16 year old jailbait means that you're underage and its illegal for him to be dating you.

if your parents find out they could do any number of legal actions ranging from statutory rape charges if you've messed around with him to a restraining order.

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